Convoy's Closure: Good for the Industry?

Most people polled believe Convoy's closure is good for the industry.

Convoy's Closure: Good for the Industry?

The downfall of Convoy led to debates on social media platforms like LinkedIn and X. Our polls revealed a significant portion believed the collapse was beneficial for the industry. Specifically, on Twitter, 47.6% voted 'yes', 18.1% 'no', with 34.3% 'no opinion/check results'. Similarly, LinkedIn's 830 voters yielded 49% 'yes', 19% 'no', and 32% 'no opinion/check results'.

Public Opinions on Convoy's Impact

Comments ranged from sympathy for Convoy's employees to criticism of its business model. Jake Y. emphasized the irreplaceable value of human interaction in the freight business, drawing parallels to how Uber Freight has failed him. Nicholas Lamonica expressed empathy for the now unemployed workers, while Eric warned of the challenges the freight market would face due to Convoy's exit. Mick highlighted the damage Convoy's model caused to small trucking companies.

If you haven't voted yet, there is still time to vote on our LinkedIn Poll.

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