💸 Why UPS Might Sell Coyote

UPS acquired Coyote Logistics in 2015 for $1.8 billion, marking it as the most expensive acquisition in UPS history at the time.

💸 Why UPS Might Sell Coyote

Good Monday morning. Today, we're covering UPS post-earnings report maneuvers: From 12K in job cuts to possibly selling its Coyote brokerage unit. Plus, explore truck volume trends, beefed-up cargo thefts in Philly, and the sustained strength of U.S. cross-border freight. The world's most famous double broker is also back.

🤔 Question of the Day: What is the best freight city in the US? Scroll to the main story in Around the Freight Web to cast your vote.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: Truck volumes surge, Philly's cargo theft spikes and U.S. cross-border freight maintains growth.
  • UPS Cuts 12k Jobs & Might Sell Coyote
  • Around the Freight Web: Vote on the top freight city, peek into the brain of the world's most famous double broker, plus more.
  • How to Land Shippers: An interview with Marco Vargas-Avala of Dole Sunshine.
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