🎣 DAT One Problem

Plus, layoffs at MoLo & Parade, an Illinois trucking company with 183 trucks files for bankruptcy, and Zynning goes mainstream.

🎣 DAT One Problem

Happy Friday. Today, we're reporting on DAT's rough week, from errors in key data to a not-so-great reception to DAT One. Plus, we're bringing you intel about layoffs at MoLo and Parade, an Illinois trucking company's bankruptcy filing, and the Zyn craze among freight brokers.

Question of the Day: Zyn nicotine pouch shipments saw a ___% jump as the product gained popularity among professionals seeking a mental edge, particularly in the freight brokering industry. Find the answer in the What's Cookin' in Freight section.

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  • Three Freight Headlines:  Rumored MoLo & Parade layoffs, Nationwide Cargo bankruptcy filing, and freight brokers love of Zyn.
  • What's Happening at DAT?
  • Around the Freight Web: Pittsburgh Penguins stolen shipment, man arrested for setting Swift trailers on fire, plus more.
  • Freight Meme of the Day

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