Double Brokering Scammer Charged with Stealing $9.5 Million Worth of Interstate Shipments

Zigmantas allegedly created several fake identities and companies, including both motor carriers and brokers.

Double Brokering Scammer Charged with Stealing $9.5 Million Worth of Interstate Shipments

A Chicago man is in hot water after being accused of masterminding a massive cargo theft operation that allegedly stole $9.5 million worth of goods. Let's break down what happened.

The Alleged Mastermind

  • Name: Aivaras Zigmantas
  • Age: 39
  • Residence: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Nationality: Lithuanian

The Scheme

  • Timeline: March 2020 - September 2023
  • Goods Stolen: Copper rod, copper cathode, liquor, among others.
  • Total Value: $9.5 million (intended to steal $13.5 million)

How It Worked

  • Fake Identities: Zigmantas allegedly created multiple false identities. ("Rolandas Butikis," "Rolandas Butkus," "Vismantas Danyla," "Tom Kempinski," "Arturas Liaskevicius," "Darius Meskauskas," "Arminas Rimkus," "Egidijus Stankus," "Kathy Stone," "Darius Venskus," and "Aivarasz Zigmaneas")
  • Fictitious Carriers: Names like Best Global Express and Mato Trans.
  • Fake Brokers: Companies such as Total Freight Broker and A B Broker.
  • Method: Induced shippers to release loads, diverted shipments, reloaded onto different trucks, and transported to various locations.
  • Wire Fraud: 6 counts
  • Bank Fraud: 5 counts
  • Theft of Interstate Shipments: 2 counts


  • Agencies Involved:
    • Homeland Security Investigations
    • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
    • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Enforcement and Removal Operations

The Indictment

The 22-page indictment reveals Zigmantas allegedly used aliases like “Egidijus Stankus” and “Arturas Liaskevicius” for check fraud. He reportedly submitted fraudulent bids as a representative of real trucking companies and diverted shipments to warehouses.

Current Status

  • Plea: Not guilty

Source: CDL Life |

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