Estes Express: Cyberattack Outage

Estes grapples with a cyberattack. This comes just weeks after Yellow accepted Estes' $1.3B bid for its terminals.

Estes Express: Cyberattack Outage
Image Source: Estes Express / Facebook

Estes Express Lines, a leading Richmond-based LTL carrier, recently found itself grappling with a severe IT infrastructure outage. While initial details were vague, a later update confirmed the root cause to be a cyberattack.

Despite the disruptions, Estes has maintained operational integrity, with terminals and drivers diligently ensuring freight delivery. However, the technology glitch has posed difficulties for customers, with online tracking systems down, leading to an influx of queries on their social media channels.

Notice from Estes' social media channels confirming the cyberattack. 
  • Customers have raised concerns regarding order deliveries.
  • Others seek clarification on communications and pick-up schedules. Estes' responses, while consistently courteous, reiterate the limitations imposed by the outage.

This attack comes after Estes Express made a notable strategic move by winning a $1.3 billion stalking horse bid for the shipping terminals of the bankrupt trucking company, Yellow.

Sources: Estes Express Facebook | FreightWaves

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