FleetWorks.ai Showcases Automated Freight Negotiation Call

FleetWorks' AI negotiates freight rates in real-time. What's your reaction?

FleetWorks.ai  Showcases Automated Freight Negotiation Call

FleetWorks is developing and testing real-time automated freight negotiations, a game-changer for the industry. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Highlights:

  • Successful Negotiations: FleetWorks' AI, Felice, reduced a carrier’s rate from $800 to $700, needing only a final confirmation call from the broker team.
  • Increased Efficiency: This system promises to save brokers time, allowing them to focus on building relationships rather than just negotiating prices.
  • User Experience: According to Paul Singer, CEO of FleetWorks, this technology enables brokers to book 30% more freight in the same amount of time​.
Rep confidence is key to make this work too. When we started, our customers reviewed every call recording (not good). Now, customers use the FleetWorks web-app to confirm that Felice is hitting all the right points on the load. With Felice + the app, reps who get on FleetWorks book 30% more freight in the same amount of time. – Paul Singer, Co-Founder & CEO, FleetWorks

Industry Reactions

  • Mixed Feedback: Les Akin commented that while this technology mirrors current brokerage practices, it’s only beneficial if brokers use the extra time to build networks. He added, "Harvesting the data of what actually makes carriers tick... is probably one of the most challenging problems to tackle."
  • Skepticism: Others, like Andrew Silver, are cautious, pointing out the current system’s lack of intuitiveness and potential trust issues between the AI and brokers​.

The Bigger Picture

Real-time automated freight negotiation could change the face of the freight brokerage industry. While early development seems a bit clunky, as more companies pounce on the opportunity, we're only going to see improvements from here.

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