Freight Broker Call Screening with WireBee

We're posting a few of our favorite presentations from the TIA 2024 Conference Media Day. WireBee caught our attention for its fraud preventing tech that integrates with your phone system and TMS to root out unwanted callers.

Freight Broker Call Screening with WireBee

FreightCaviar is currently at the Transportation Intermediaries Association 2024 Capital Ideas Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Day one was a flurry of connections, reconnections, and innovation.

We spent four and a half hours at Media Day was full of product announcements and demos that caught our eye. One of our favorites was WireBee and its communications platform. Tailored for logistics, WireBee offers a new way to combat fraud at the first call.

WireBee's setup at TIA 2024.

Why It Matters

Transparency and security are paramount. WireBee's platform addresses these needs with several key features.

  • Authenticity Checks: Verifies the legitimacy of each incoming call to prevent fraud.
  • FMCSA Verification: Delivers an instant look at FMCSA records to keep things legit.
  • Compliance Screening: Scans for compliance with regulations so you can partner with the good guys.

Integration Magic
WireBee’s magic trick? It plays nice with your existing tech stack. It hooks right into top cloud phone systems and TMS.

Source: WireBee/PR.Com

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