Making the Complex Simple with

We're posting a few of our favorite presentations from the TIA 2024 Conference Media Day. stuck out for its solution that makes the overly complex and frustrating claims process much more manageable and streamlined.

Making the Complex Simple with
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FreightCaviar is live at the Transportation Intermediaries Association 2024 Capital Ideas Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our team hustled through four and a half jam-packed hours at Media Day, which was a treasure trove of announcements and demos that snagged our attention. Check out our article on WireBee, for example.

Freight Broker Call Screening with WireBee
We’re posting a few of our favorite presentations from the TIA 2024 Conference Media Day. WireBee caught our attention for its fraud preventing tech that integrates with your phone system and TMS to root out unwanted callers.

Another standout was, with its slick new user interface (UI). Designed with shippers and 3PLs in mind, this enhanced platform is like a breath of fresh air in the often tangled world of freight claims management.

Why It Matters
Managing claims can be a real headache, often full of convoluted processes and paperwork that can slow you down. arrives to clear the fog and streamline how businesses handle claims in this latest update.

Smooth Sailing with the New UI
The new UI is all about simplicity and efficiency. It’s designed to cut through the clutter, meaning less time sweating over claims and more time focused on customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to manual madness and hello to a smoother workflow.
  • Focus on Service: With the heavy lifting of claims management off your plate, you can put all that energy into wowing your customers.

The company's setup at TIA 2024 wasn’t just about showing off a pretty interface—it was about showing a way forward, free from the weight of clunky, outdated claims processes.

A Peek at the Perks
The enhanced UI from means:

  • Less Time on Claims: The streamlined system frees up your schedule.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Redirect efforts from claims to customer relationships and growth.
  • A Clearer Picture: With a more intuitive interface, you see exactly what you need for faster decision-making.

The message from Michael Schember, founder and CEO, was clear: it’s time for a revolution in claims management. is here to lead the charge, transforming the necessary evil of claims into a smoother, less painful process.

You can learn more at

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