Freight Tech Trial? Project44 & FourKites Battle Rages On

project44's defamation lawsuit against FourKites moves forward after a pivotal Illinois Supreme Court ruling.

Freight Tech Trial? Project44 & FourKites Battle Rages On

The latest courtroom drama unfolding between two big freight tech companies must move forward, a ruling in project44's favor.

  • Defamation Drama: project44 has scored a legal win in its defamation suit against FourKites.
  • Email Exposé: The dispute originated from emails sent in May 2019, alleging accounting improprieties, ties to intimidation, financial impropriety, and organized crime at project44.
  • IP Intrigue: Project44's sleuthing showed that the emails were traced back to IPs affiliated with FourKites. In April 2020, Project44 filed a defamation suit against FourKites.

Court's Call:

  • Round Two: FourKites got the case dismissed once, but the appellate court disagreed, and now the Supremes of Illinois feel the same. It goes back to the lower court.

Looking ahead, there may actually be a major FreightTech Face-Off between two logistics giants.

Source: FreightWaves

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