FreightCaviar Podcast: Building Better Carrier-Broker Partnerships

Founder of Tag Trans Inc., Toni Gjurovski, and Director of Operations at Logan Premium Logistics, Simon Wylangowski, discuss what makes a successful and lasting carrier-broker relationship.

FreightCaviar Podcast: Building Better Carrier-Broker Partnerships

In this episode of the Freight Caviar Podcast, we sat down with Toni Gjurovski, the Founder of TAG Trans Inc., and Simon Wylangowski, Director of Operations at Logan Premium Logistics. Toni takes us on his journey of growing up in Macedonia, starting TAG Trans, and then creating a brokerage partnership with Simon. Simon sheds light on the importance of seeing the broker as a customer and how they care for their clients.

While working as a rep at Echo, Simon often worked with Toni and TAG Trans. He remembered building a strong relationship with Toni, who always treated him more like a customer than just another broker, a distinction from most carriers. During the pandemic, they reconnected in Florida and decided to establish their own brokerage, Logan Premium Logistics, together.

Here are five key points from the discussion on their journeys and doing business in trucking and logistics.

Toni's American Dream: A Macedonian's Journey to the U.S. Trucking Industry

Toni reflects on his move from Macedonia to the United States and how this pivotal decision led him to find his footing in the trucking industry.

Transitioning from Driver to Dispatcher

Toni discusses his shift from a hands-on driver to a strategic dispatcher, emphasizing how his own experiences shape his approach to managing drivers.

The Inception of TAG Trans: A Family Venture Rooted in Fairness

Hear about the founding of TAG Trans, underpinned by a commitment to fairness and respect for its drivers.

Simon delves into the complexities of the trucking industry, highlighting the critical role of relationship-building and mutual respect between carriers and brokers.

Envisioning the Road Ahead: Anticipating the Future of Freight

Toni shares his perspective on the future dynamics of the freight market, acknowledging the current challenges while maintaining an optimistic outlook for what's ahead.

Get more insights from Toni and Simon on what drives their successful carrier-broker relationship and listen to the full podcast episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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