Fully Loaded Tesla Smashes 500-Mile Trip On A Single Charge

Fully Loaded Tesla Smashes 500-Mile Trip On A Single Charge

Elon Musk tweeted over the weekend that a fully loaded Tesla Semi truck completed a 500-mile trip at a total weight of 81,000 lbs. 

The Tesla Semi is the first to meet the 500-mile target out of all its competitors.

Nikola, Mercedes, Daimler, and Volvo have not reached that milestone yet. Tesla’s achievement comes just a few weeks after Volvo’s Renault Trucks taunted Musk and his company for failing to deliver on past promises. Tesla’s pushed back its deal to deliver the first fleet of long-haul electric vehicles to PepsiCo by 2019 multiple times. The delivery of 15 Tesla Semi trucks is now set for December 1. It looks like it’ll finally happen.

Renault delivered its first electric trucks to Pepsi’s rival Coke in Belgium on Nov 26.

That means they beat out Tesla by just a week. It’s great to see a little friendly competition because it helps drive innovation in the sector.

Once Pepsi receives its promised first delivery, there are hundreds more Tesla Semis on order. Companies like UPS and Walmart are waiting for their fleets, too.

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