"G Face": King of Double Brokers and DEA Informant

The controversial story of G Face, "The King of Double Brokers," takes a turn with new information regarding his dealings with the Mexican Mafia and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

"G Face": King of Double Brokers and DEA Informant

Meet Yuri Khatchikyan, better known as "G Face," a controversial figure in the freight community. G Face went viral on TikTok for his audacious claims and was dubbed "King of Double Brokers." But recently, new details have emerged: G Face is also a long-time DEA informant. Here's the story:

The TikTok Fame

G Face gained notoriety on TikTok, flaunting his success in the trucking industry and defending himself against scammer accusations.

  • Key Claim: "I started making crazy money, changed my life, bought my first house, then my second house."

The Scammer Allegations

Members of the freight X community, like @lombardtrucking, accused G Face of being a scammer, prompting heated debates on social media.

The DEA Connection

Court documents reveal G Face has been a DEA informant since 2005, providing critical information against the Mexican Mafia.

  • Court Document: "He cooperated against the Mafia members who stabbed him and has been forced to live with a 'green light' hit hanging over his head."

The document also states that he is in "protective custody while in jail because of the threats."

The Controversial Past

G Face's criminal history includes a second-degree robbery in 2000 and multiple instances where he was targeted for his informant role.

  • Court Document: "The defendant has been a target of the Mexican Mafia since 2006 when he was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead."

The Freight Industry Angle

G Face's trucking business took off after his stint in prison, leading to his viral fame and controversial reputation.

  • G Face: "If anybody wants to get in the trucking business, all you need is $20,000."

Source: @lombardtrucking

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