Harry Giles III: From NBA to Trucking and Back Again

NBA's Harry Giles III spent his time off the basketball court opening and operating a trucking company.

Harry Giles III: From NBA to Trucking and Back Again
Giles with his truck. Image Source: Harry Giles III / Andscape.

Harry Giles III, a former high school basketball prodigy and 2017 first-round NBA pick, faced a career fraught with challenges, including multiple knee injuries.

Despite being sidelined and navigating through setbacks with teams like Sacramento, Portland, and the LA Clippers, Giles kept up his drive. His last notable NBA presence was in the 2020-21 season with the Trail Blazers, where he averaged 2.8 points and 3.5 rebounds per game.​

Diversifying into Trucking: During his hiatus from the NBA in the 2022-23 season, Giles ventured into the trucking industry, founding Lee G Logistics LLC. This North Carolina-based company, established in January 2022, operates with one truck and focuses on interstate general freight transportation. The entrepreneurial move showed that Giles is aware of life beyond basketball and takes opportunities to optimize his finances.

Key Points about Lee G Logistics LLC:

  • Foundation: Established in January 2022.
  • Operations: General freight transportation across state lines.
  • Fleet Size: Operates with one truck and one driver​.
Giles with Chairperson of the Sacramento Kings. Image Source: Vivek Ranadive / X

Return to the NBA: Giles is now making his way back into professional basketball. The Brooklyn Nets recognized his potential and signed him to a non-guaranteed contract, offering him a chance to prove his mettle once again. Giles, who once had to come to terms with the reality of life beyond the court, is now back, playing for the Nets and aiming to reclaim his place in the NBA.


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