How Tullo Truck Stop Fuels the Northeast

Join Dominick Tullo as he details the history and drive behind the 85-year-old family-owned fuel distribution company.

How Tullo Truck Stop Fuels the Northeast

This week’s FreightCaviar Podcast features Dominick Tullo, owner of Tullo Truck Stop in Newark, New Jersey. Dominick and family also operate T&R Oil Company, an 85-year-old fuel transportation business started by his great-grandfather. It evolved from transporting ice and coal to heating oil and now other types of fuel.

First, Dominick discussed the two sides of the business:

T&R Oil Company (Corporate Side)

Tullo Truck Stop

Primary Business: Fuel transportation, supplying various types of fuel to clients.

Primary Business: Direct consumer service, providing amenities for truckers and regular travelers.

Operations: Daytime fueling for trucks. Direct fueling of assets during nighttime.

Facilities & Amenities: Laundry. Showers. Convenience store. Subway outlet. Exxon Mobil partnership.

Scale & Reach: Expansive operations spanning from Delaware to Connecticut, despite maintaining a local base in Newark, New Jersey.

Footfall: Located on a prime 3-acre parcel in Newark, NJ, attracting 12,000 unique visitors every month.

Clients: Primarily commercial entities, with services streamlined for efficiency.

Major Clients: Amazon vans, thanks to the proximity to four of their warehouses.

Safety & Compliance: Uses geo-fencing on truck scanners to ensure accuracy during overnight fueling and prevent potential scams.

Real Estate: Positioned near Amazon warehouses, boosting the property's value and ensuring a steady flow of clientele.

Specialty: Mastered the strategy of fuel distribution, including differentiating fuel through additives.

Significant Volume: Rolls out approximately 200,000 gallons of gasoline monthly.

The Tullo Truck Stop

At truck stops, it's not just about fuel. Truckers have a favorite snack in mind. Tullo's recent poll posed the question: Which sells most - a medium coffee, cigarettes, a buttered roll, or a large coffee? The clear winner? The delectably simple buttered roll.

Additionally, truckers can take advantage of the overnight parking, showers, and more.

Tullo Diesel Fleet

Tullo's Diesel Fleet specializes in hyper-local fuel transport in New Jersey, ensuring swift accessibility for both OTR and local trucks. Additionally, a dedicated fleet transports corrosive Diesel Exhaust Fluid across broader regions, including eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. Highlighting efficiency, Tullo's direct fueling service can save large fleets approximately $124,000 annually in the Northeast due to reduced wait times and traffic challenges.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

What is it?: DEF is a non-hazardous solution primarily composed of deionized water (67.5%) and urea (32.5%).

Purpose: It's used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to convert harmful nitrogen oxides in diesel emissions into harmless water and nitrogen.

Dominick discussed the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the truck fleets in the Newark, New Jersey area. Post the hurricane, the local governor initiated a truck buyback program to rejuvenate the fleet.

Following this, there was an early and huge demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in the region. Dominick’s company made the move to make DEF accessible at their truck stop in 2014 and even considered manufacturing it themselves, initially for internal use.

Tullo Wins With DEF

  • Expanded services by providing tanks and pumps to fleets.
  • Grew DEF customer base from 0 to 900 in three years using cold outreach.

Challenges Remain

  • DEF contamination risks: third-party sediments like sand and gravel.
  • Importance of keeping DEF filling equipment clean.

It's clear that the legacy initiated by Dominick Tullo's great-grandfather has not just endured but has evolved, innovated, and thrived. From the bustling operations of the truck stop to the intricacies of fuel transport and the emergence of DEF, the narrative illustrates the brand's resilience and adaptability

There's much more that isn't covered here with Dominick Tullo, including how he leverages social media (@Dominick_Tullo). Head over to FreightCaviar on Spotify or Youtube for more.

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