⚠️ Cargo Theft Up 57%

"Lots of other reasons to be bullish on the trucking industry in 2024: retail inventories have burned off, easing credit conditions, ..." - Craig Fuller, CEO & Founder of FreightWaves.

⚠️ Cargo Theft Up 57%

Good Wednesday morning. Today's feature breaks down the key data from Arrive's January 2024 Freight Market Update. We're also looking at another alarming spike in cargo theft, the ongoing contraction in the freight brokerage sector, and Triumph Financial's impressive earnings. Don't miss TruckStop's insights on fraud prevention and a final agreement on a pivotal merger.

🤔 Quiz of the Day: Instances of freight fraud have skyrocketed in 2023, up ___% from 2022 and a whopping ___% from 2021. Scroll to the Around the Freight Web image to find the answer.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: Cargo theft spikes in 2023, freight brokerage declines, and Triumph Financial's soaring net income.
  • Breakdown: Arrive's January 2024 Freight Market Update
  • Around the Freight Web: Fraud crackdowns, a pivotal merger settlement, and air freight's unexpected ascent.
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