Latest And Greatest News From Around The Freight Web: 11/21/22

Latest And Greatest News From Around The Freight Web: 11/21/22

Written by Adriana Pulley

Check out our latest roundup of the top headlines from around the freight and logistics world. We gather news related to brokers, carriers, shippers, logistics startups, freight tech, and more. Here’s what we’ve got for November 21, 2022.

There’s Bud: 

The winner of the 2022 World Cup will receive €75 million worth of Budweiser beer prepared before the sale of alcohol was banned during the Qatar-hosted games. Budweiser plans to sue FIFA for breach of contract for the last-minute change.

Got the Power: 

This week’s FreightWaves Supply Chain Pricing Power Index sets the negotiating power for rates at 35 in favor of shippers as carriers struggle to source freight.

Free Falling: 

Ocean carriers panic as bookings from China to North Europe and the US west coast tank and FAK rates plummet. The drop isn’t helped by a high number of recent blank sailings.

 Cargo Theft: 

Two L.A. theft rings that have stolen more than $18 million in merchandise have been taken down. Read this guide on how to prevent cargo theft this holiday season.

 Streak Continues: 

New York remains the nation’s #1 port for the third-consecutive month, handling nearly 20% more trade volume than it did pre-Covid.

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