Latest And Greatest News From Around The Freight Web: 11/18/22

Latest And Greatest News From Around The Freight Web: 11/18/22

Written by Adriana Pulley

Check out our latest roundup of the top headlines from around the freight and logistics world. We gather news related to brokers, carriers, shippers, logistics startups, freight tech, and more.

Big Things: Supply chain visibility platforms, project44 and FreightWaves were named two of the fastest-growing and biggest tech companies to watch by Fast Company and Deloitte respectively. 

Breaking the Ice: President Biden’s visit with China’s leader Xi Jinping signals to US Trade Rep that the relationship may be headed in a more positive direction, but other economists say not so fast.  

Company Goes Bust: Freon Logistics, a trucking company based in Bakersfield, CA, filed for bankruptcy triggering employee protests demanding unpaid wages. 

Silver Theif: A judge recently refused to move a 3-year-old case of a missing $10 million haul of silver to Korea, where it was loaded. Traces of stolen silver have turned up in Massachusetts and British Columbia, CN.

Controlled Blowout: Kodiak becomes the first self-driving truck company to showcase how their autonomous tech can maintain control in the event of a catastrophic tire blowout.

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