Meadow Lark Companies Ends 40-Year Legacy

Major asset-based 3PL firm Meadow Lark Companies shuts down after four decades.

Meadow Lark Companies Ends 40-Year Legacy
Image Source: Meadow Lark / X

Meadow Lark Companies, a major asset-based 3PL company, has announced its closure. With over 40 years in the industry, the firm recently celebrated milestones, including:

  • Owning over 40 terminals and 300 trucks nationwide.
  • Generating revenues surpassing $200M in 2023.

Mandy Roth, Meadow Lark's CEO, spotlighted the company's consistent growth and commitment to drivers in a FreightWaves feature from earlier this year.

Rumblings about the company's suspected closure emerged from the Rate Per Mile Masters Facebook group, a professional forum focused on rates and logistics information.

The confirmation appeared to come when Meadow Lark's Director of Marketing, Brittney Rose, published an Open-to-Work post via LinkedIn, stating: "After 40 years of incredible growth, camaraderie, and relentless dedication, Meadow Lark Companies is closing its doors."

Distressed reactions poured in from social media users, with some highlighting unpaid dues and challenges in reaching the company. One member writes, "I talked to a Meadow Lark broker last week that is trying to help me get paid. They haven't been answering the phones at the main office for quite a while."

With rumors about the company's credit situation and inability to answer phone calls, several drivers and stakeholders are left in limbo, attempting to make contact and settle outstanding payments.

Members of the Rate Per Mile Masters Facebook group share their reactions to the news of Meadow Lark's closure. Image Source: Facebook

An announcement directly from the company's official platforms is awaited.

Sources: Brittney Rose, LinkedIn | Rate Per Mile Masters

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