UPDATE: Mexico Truckers Nationwide Strike Cancelled

Mexican truckers, represented by AMOTAC, have averted a potential disruption in U.S. imports and exports by calling off their planned nationwide strike.

UPDATE: Mexico Truckers Nationwide Strike Cancelled
Map displaying the level of risk for cargo theft throughout Mexico. (Source: Overhaul)

After days of anticipation and concern over the potential nationwide trucker strike, an official announcement from the Mexican Alliance of Carrier Organizations (AMOTAC) has dispelled anxieties. The strike has been officially called off, a development confirmed through a message by AMOTAC's national leader on their Facebook page.

Key Takeaways from AMOTAC's Announcement:

  • Productive Meetings Held: A meeting took place between representatives from AMOTAC and officials from the National Guard and SEGOB, with state representatives from Hidalgo, Edo. Of Mexico, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, and Puebla.

Concessions Granted:

  1. Official documents provided to approve the free use of emergency ramps.
  2. Traffic approval for vehicles based on their model year.
  3. Issuance of a circular to allow states and municipalities to validate digital licenses.
  • Safety and Security: The National Guard has committed to resuming regular regional and national meetings with AMOTAC across various states. These interactions aim to develop robust security strategies for ensuring safer roadways. Given the growing concerns over rising cargo theft and violent crimes against truckers, these meetings will be pivotal in addressing and reducing these threats.
  • Tariff Discussions: SEGOB has shown a willingness to discuss tariffs related to car transport. Additionally, matters surrounding the letter porte and road reclassification have been initiated.
  • Ongoing Collaboration: With SEGOB acting as an intermediary, continued collaboration between AMOTAC, SICT, CAPUFE, and other essential departments has been assured.
  • Decision to Prolong Protest: AMOTAC has decided to prolong their protest for three months, demonstrating their trust in the government's commitments. This extension serves as a period to evaluate the National Guard's effectiveness in enhancing road safety.

Potential Impacts If A Strike Were To Occur:

Despite the strike's cancellation, the magnitude of the concerns that fueled its contemplation cannot be understated. Had the strike gone forward:

  • Major highways would have witnessed blockades, disrupting domestic and international freight movements.
  • With AMOTAC overseeing over 75% of Mexico's commercial cargo, U.S. imports and exports would face significant challenges.
  • Concerns about cargo theft, poor road conditions, and high toll fees would remain unaddressed.

As the situation now stands, the proactive steps taken by both AMOTAC and the national authorities are promising indicators for the future. The mutual commitment to ensuring safety, security, and efficiency for Mexico's truckers serves as a foundation for a more resilient supply chain and trade ecosystem.

Sources: FreightWaves | Amotac Facebook

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