🤥 Fraudulent Freight Recruiter

You might want to grab a cherry pie to read this one.

🤥 Fraudulent Freight Recruiter

Happy National Cherry Pie Day. You might want to grab a cherry pie to read this one. Another day, another scam: a freight recruiter con artist takes off with $10K. Then, we have the latest freight rates from Asia to the US, legislative moves against self-driving trucks, and Walmart's financial wins. Plus, insights on February's spot market challenges and Maersk's Red Sea advisory.

🤔 Question of the Day: FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller says February's performance in the trucking spot market is described as ______ by CEOs. Scroll to the Around the Freight Web section to find out.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: Ocean freight rates cool, self-driving trucks face state restrictions, and Walmart's Q4 win.
  • Scam Alert: Fraudulent Freight Recruiter
  • Around the Freight Web: CEOs give hot take on February truck spot rates, Red Sea diversions extend throughout the year, and Ryder's $290M acquisition.
  • Freight Meme of the Day

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