Nikola Corp. Advances Zero-Emission Truck Deliveries

Nikola Corp. delivers a significant number of battery-electric trucks and receives a grant to build hydrogen refueling stations, pushing forward in the zero-emission space.

Nikola Corp. Advances Zero-Emission Truck Deliveries
Photo: Nikola Motor

Nikola Corp., a leader in zero-emission transportation, reported delivering 45 battery-electric trucks wholesale and 66 trucks retail in the second quarter. Furthermore, the company announced receiving a $41.9 million grant to build six heavy-duty hydrogen refueling stations across Southern California, further cementing its commitment to zero-emission technology.

Nikola's advancements in zero-emission truck technology represent a major step forward in sustainable logistics. The establishment of hydrogen refueling stations could significantly enhance the practicality and appeal of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in the logistics sector.

Source: TransportTopics

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