Prologis Plans $700M Investment In Mexico Amid Nearshoring Trend

In response to the nearshoring trend among US companies, Fibra Prologis is set to invest $700M in Mexico's industrial parks and warehouses.

Prologis Plans $700M Investment In Mexico Amid Nearshoring Trend
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck / Unsplash

Mexican real estate investment trust, Fibra Prologis, is preparing to invest about $700 million this year in response to increased demand for industrial space in Mexico's northern cities. The surge is driven by a trend known as "nearshoring," as US companies look to reduce supply chains in the wake of COVID-related challenges in China. Prologis Property Mexico SA, which owns 43% of Fibra, has even begun wait-listing companies interested in setting up or expanding operations.

In addition to Fibra's investment, parent company Prologis Inc. plans to spend another $500 million on undeveloped land, a venture that carries more risk. Despite potential hurdles such as electricity and water supply, the movement toward nearshoring is expected to persist. Major clients such as Amazon, MercadoLibre, and Walmart also boost demand for Prologis' services.

Source: Bloomberg

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