Put a Face Behind Every Shipment Tendered

KYT empowers brokers, offering a robust deterrent against fraud. The platform's unique real-time facial recognition and association requirement makes it a formidable foe for scammers.

Put a Face Behind Every Shipment Tendered

Freight brokerages everywhere are facing a critical vulnerability: the reliance on minimal verification methods like MC numbers and email addresses. These simple due diligence steps are not up to the task of meeting the ever-evolving methods of strategic theft, leaving the door open for bad actors to exploit the system with relative ease. 

What if there’s a solution that is just as simple but can bolt the doors on these fraudsters for good? 

This is why you need to know about Know Your Trucker (KYT)

KYT is the paramount solution with its pioneering use of facial recognition and association technology to vet against bad actors. KYT empowers freight brokers with unparalleled security measures, leveling the playing field and solidifying the landscape of freight brokerage into one of transparency and trust. 

How Facial Recognition Works in KYT

The KYT platform introduces a game-changing approach to identity verification. 

Dispatching Verification Link: 

  • Freight brokers use the KYT platform to generate a unique verification link.
  • This link is then sent directly to the booking carrier’s mobile number.

Consent and Identity Verification: 

  • The individual receiving the link provides consent to proceed with identity verification.
  • They are prompted to capture and upload a facial image. 

Driver’s License Details: 

  • The individual captures and uploads images of the front and back of their driver’s license. 
  • Finally, taking a selfie while holding the driver's license is an optional but recommended step for extra verification. 

Completion and Authentication: 

  • The entire verification process, including optional steps, is completed in under 20 seconds. 
  • KYT’s Face Liveness technology verifies the authenticity of the live images. 
  • The technology effectively prevents the use of pre-recorded or static images for verification. 

Impact on Fraud and Theft Prevention

KYT significantly tilts the scales in favor of brokers, offering a robust deterrent against fraud. The platform's unique requirement for real-time facial recognition and association makes it a formidable foe for fraudsters. KYT is the only platform that combines these elements, instantly alerting brokers if an individual's details match with another carrier or if they've been flagged for illicit activities like double brokering or cargo theft. 

This instant notification system, coupled with the inability for fraudsters to alter their facial identity as easily as their email or MC number, creates a powerful barrier against repeat offenses. 

KYT's innovative approach ensures that once an individual is flagged, their chances of re-entering the industry under a new guise are severely hindered.

Future-Proofing Against Fraud

The development of KYT was driven by a singular vision: to deter bad actors from ever considering engaging with brokers through the platform. With true carrier identity verification just a click away, the KYT platform stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology in combating fraud and theft in the freight brokerage industry. 

It sends a clear message to potential fraudsters: reconsider your actions, for the consequences of engaging with KYT-equipped brokers are immediate and impactful. 

As we move forward, KYT continues to redefine security standards in the industry, offering brokers peace of mind and a more secure, trustworthy environment for their operations.

We’re sure that this is a product that will become a staple in your brokerage operations. This is true carrier identity at your fingertips. Brokers signing up at knowyourtrucker.com can get started with a $100 Free Credit – no credit card needed. 

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