Recruiting Trends in the Freight Industry

CS Recruiting CEO reveals freight industry hiring trends, discussing salary transparency, remote work, and AI skills.

Recruiting Trends in the Freight Industry

Charlie Saffro, CEO of CS Recruiting, shares key observations on the freight sector job market and hiring trends.

  • Sector Surges: Notable hiring upticks in LTL, Contract Logistics, and Supply Chain tech.
  • Tech Mex: Growing demand for cross-border freight tech.
  • Mergers Up: A trend of increasing company consolidations.
  • Salary Clarity: A push for upfront salary details to attract qualified candidates.
  • Office Comeback: A decline in remote roles, with a tilt towards hybrid models.
  • Talent Pool Expansion: More job seekers on the market due to layoffs, offering valuable skills.
  • AI Hesitation: Limited demand for AI expertise, suggesting uncertainty about its practical use.
  • Stability Seekers: A shift in job seeker behavior towards prioritizing secure positions.

Comments from the Community:

Jon Doolen, Headhunter: Questions the hiring spike amidst a rise in unemployed logistics professionals.

"I agree with all of it, every word, except that it feels like there is not any hiring spike, just the opposite, I am seeing more people - experienced people not employed anymore - within Logistics - but maybe we are seeing a 'downsizing' of payroll?"

John P. Martin, Financial Analyst: Discusses the reconsideration of return-to-office mandates and the nascent demand for AI skills.

"Interesting list @Charlie. The only ‘feeling’ I have is: “...more companies are mandating return-to-office...”, however I’ve seen comments that indicate many firms that have mandated RTO, are ‘taking another look at their policy...?’"

Roxane Ramos, Analytics Expert: Foresees the inevitable growth in AI/ML roles and stresses the importance of human collaboration with technology.

"I think some companies have been caught off guard since there was such a focus on the day-to-day activities to keep their businesses running. There are a lot of unknowns and fear, as well as some, they are learning at the ground level. A lot will get sorted through the advancement of technology overtime. It will be seen overtime how humans will absolutely need to be used in combination with the technology."

Source: Charlie Saffro/LinkedIn

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