Response to Wednesday's Misleading Graph

Dissecting the controversy over a JB Hunt graphic shared in our recent newsletter, which critics called misleading due to its presentation of income figures.

Response to Wednesday's Misleading Graph
Andrew Silver replied to our graph the other day. 

Our recent sharing of a graphic from JB Hunt in our newsletter and on social media sparked controversy due to perceived misrepresentation. The graph compared yearly revenues from 2013 to 2022, and then juxtaposed Q2 of 2022 with Q2 of 2023, suggesting a significant drop-off. Critics, including former MoLo Solutions CEO Andrew Silver, deemed this misleading. This critique was based on the graph's pivot from annual to quarterly numbers, and the fact that even the lower Q2 2023 income was still higher than the quarterly average of preceding years. We wish to clarify that this was JB Hunt's presentation, and we merely shared it for informational purposes.


Got some backlash for sharing this graph in our Wednesday newsletter . Wanted to explain why we shared it

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Click here to read J.B. Hunt's Q2 Stockholder Report.

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