Severe Weather: The 5 Worst Lanes This Week

Severe storms across the US impact major trucking lanes, causing delays and hazards. Chicago features in 4 of the top 5 worst affected lanes.

Severe Weather: The 5 Worst Lanes This Week
Due to severe weather conditions, this lane is one of the riskiest this week. Image Source: WeatherOptics/LinkedIn

This week, the United States is experiencing powerful storms affecting major trucking lanes, causing significant freight disruptions and danger.

WeatherOptics CEO Scott Pecoriello highlights the severity of these conditions on trucking lanes, backed with data from the program quantifying shipment delays and driver risk. (Shipment delay: % shipment delay from normal due to weather & Driver risk: 0-10 scale of road danger).

Top 5 Worst Lanes: Chicago appears in 4 of the 5 most impacted lanes, with extreme risks involving severe thunderstorms, blizzard conditions, and high winds.

1. Chicago, IL ⇄ Memphis, TN

  • Maximum Shipment Delay: 66%
  • Maximum Driver Risk: 10.0

2. Chicago, IL ⇄ Cleveland, OH

  • Maximum Shipment Delay: 66%
  • Maximum Driver Risk: 9.8

3. Buffalo, NY ⇄ Boston, MA

  • Maximum Shipment Delay: 62%
  • Maximum Driver Risk: 9.3

4. Denver, CO ⇄ Chicago, IL

  • Maximum Shipment Delay: 67%
  • Maximum Driver Risk: 8.7

5. Minneapolis, MN ⇄ Chicago, IL

  • Maximum Shipment Delay: 67%
  • Maximum Driver Risk: 7.7

Widespread Weather Impact Across Regions
The storms have brought a variety of severe conditions across different U.S. regions:

  • South and Southeast: Tornadoes have caused significant damage and fatalities, with reports of winds up to 106 mph.
  • Midwest: Blizzard conditions shut down major highways, with over 100 vehicle crashes in Kansas alone.
  • Northeast: Heavy rainfall and flooding are anticipated, posing risks of urban and creek flooding.

Additional Weather Challenges
In the Pacific Northwest, heavy snowfall has triggered blizzard warnings, with expected snowfall totals between 24-48 inches in the Oregon and Washington Cascades. The Midwest is also grappling with heavy snow, causing widespread road closures and school cancellations.

Sources: WeatherOptics CEO/LinkedIn | USA Today

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