Sheer Logistics Acquires CargoBarn

Sheer Logistics acquires CargoBarn to enhance 4PL services and expand its freight brokerage offerings.

Sheer Logistics Acquires CargoBarn
Image Source: Sheer Logistics

Sheer Logistics, a leader in 4PL and managed transportation services, has acquired CargoBarn, boosting its brokerage services.

  • Sheer's Expansion: This move is a major play, positioning Sheer as a powerhouse in the logistics space.
  • CargoBarn's Climb: From a 2007 startup to a top-ranked logistics company, CargoBarn's journey has been remarkable.

A United Front:
The merger marries Sheer's innovative tech and CargoBarn's extensive network. Customers can expect a new level of service that tackles logistic challenges with ease.

Leadership's Take:
Joel Gard, CEO of Sheer, sees the merger as a milestone, promising to "deliver enhanced 3PL and 4PL services" for customer success. Cameron Baird, CargoBarn's founder, believes in the combined potential, stating the merger will bring "more opportunities for growth."

Award-Winning Moves:
Sheer isn't new to the spotlight, bagging the 2023 Top Software & Tech Award and being named a 2023 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider.

Source: Sheer Logistics

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