Shippers Talk Strength and Strategies At TIA Conference

Shippers Talk Strength and Strategies At TIA Conference

Last week, at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) annual conference in Orlando, Florida, a panel of shippers revealed their strategies and priorities in a market that favors them. FreightWaves captured their insights, and we’ve broken them down for you here.

The panel featured Robert Savage from Del Monte Fresh Produce, JJ Jones from Monin America, and Michael Lin from Musco Family Olive Oil Co.

So, what exactly do shippers look for in a broker?

These panelists made it clear that low rates aren’t the only thing on their minds. They emphasized three key factors:

  1. Service: Savage championed a “win/win/win” approach for shippers, carriers, and brokers. He explained that shippers want brokers who invest in building strong carrier relationships rather than just hunting for the cheapest deal.
  2. Safety: Lin mentioned that his company scrutinizes brokers’ claims damage records, as they don’t want to be associated with accidents.
  3. Cost: With rates dipping this year, Del Monte has reverted to 12-month RFPs. Monin America, on the other hand, has scrapped RFPs altogether, opting to work closely with a select group of brokers.

The panelists also shared their thoughts on avoiding double brokering. To minimize the risk, Savage revealed that Del Monte prefers not to work with brokers with less than $200 million in turnover.

Are shippers looking to cut out the middleman?

The panelists’ unanimous answer? A resounding “no.” They argued that brokers’ ability to quickly find a truck when needed is invaluable. “It comes down to what extra service am I going to get from a broker that I don’t get from a carrier,” Lin said.

In a market where they have the upper hand, shippers seek proactive relationships with brokers who prioritize service and safety overall. Keep an eye on our blog and Youtube channel for more updates from the TIA Conference.

You can also check out FreightCaviar’s interview with TIA’s President and CEO, Anne Reinke.

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