Signal Hill: Double Broker Dilemma

Signal Hill: Double Broker Dilemma

Apparently, Signal Hill, California, is the unsuspecting “Motor Carrier Capital of the Country,” as highlighted in a Linkedin post from Dale Prax. His post exposes government inefficiency in addressing Signal Hill double brokers.

Signal Hill Double Broker Haven?

Signal Hill, with 11,563 residents, houses 1,233 active motor carrier companies. Prax quips that 1 in 9 residents own a trucking company.

Moreover, a single 2,000-square-foot building contains 778 active motor carriers. Surprisingly, 398 share the same phone number and email— “,” registered with FMCSA.

Government Inaction: FMCSA’s Approach

Prax’s sarcasm highlights FMCSA’s difficulties in detecting and regulating double brokers. With 21,418 pending Motor Carrier Authority applications, 99% of 129 carriers headed to Signal Hill share the same contact information.

With 21,418 pending applications for Motor Carrier Authority sitting on FMCSA’s desks, 99% of the 129 carriers headed to Signal Hill share the same phone number and equally amusing email.

Private Sector to the Rescue?

As the FMCSA fumbles, companies like Highway, CarrierAssure, and Carrier411 have stepped up to combat double brokering where the government falls short.

However, Prax says that it isn’t enough. He urges brokers, carriers, shippers, load boards, and TMS companies to collaborate to stop the bad actors in the industry. By working together, united efforts can overcome FMCSA’s shortcomings, creating a better, more reliable industry.

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