Sneaky Theft Tactic Target Drivers at Receiving Facilities

Overhaul exposes a new cargo theft method in Southern California where thieves pose as facility workers.

Sneaky Theft Tactic Target Drivers at Receiving Facilities

Southern California receiving facilities are witnessing a sly theft operation. Here's how it plays out:

  • Initial Contact: Unsuspecting drivers, waiting outside facilities, are approached by individuals dressed to impress—with safety vests and clipboards. They present themselves as facility agents.
  • Misdirection: These impostors instruct drivers to park away from the watchful eyes of CCTV and facility gates, then lead them to the facility office.

The Theft In Action
While drivers handle check-in procedures:

  • Accomplices swiftly access the trailer.
  • High-value cargo is extracted and transferred to standby cargo vans.
The cargo thieves quickly transfer the goods to cargo vans or other trucks. Source: Overhaul

Recognizing the Impostors
These con artists are meticulous:

  • Donning safety vests, hard hats, and clipboards.
  • Even wearing company-branded shirts.
  • Their vehicles might vary—vans, box trucks—but the motive remains consistent.

Guidance From Overhaul

  • For Shippers: If shipping high-demand products like electronics, pre-inform your drivers about check-in protocols.
  • Facilities Alert: Stay proactive. Monitor any unusual activity, especially unfamiliar faces mingling with drivers.

With theft on the rise, it’s essential to employ real-time monitoring and establish quick response mechanisms. Should theft occur, a swift and decisive law enforcement engagement is crucial.

Source: Overhaul

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