Statewide Haulers LLC Implicated in Vehicle Theft

Statewide Haulers LLC accused of vehicle theft during transport. Victims are seeking ways to track stolen cars.

Statewide Haulers LLC Implicated in Vehicle Theft
A follower on Instagram sent us this screenshot. 

Statewide Haulers LLC has been accused of vehicle theft by at least three individuals. After picking up the cars for transport, the carrier allegedly vanished, leading to police reports in Illinois and California and the FBI being involved. The company has been unable to provide driver licenses or truck plate numbers. One victim's 2019 Acura NSX was stolen, with the tracking system disconnected within two hours of pick-up. Despite the filing of police reports, insurance claims, and notifying border control, the whereabouts of the vehicles remain unknown. It is suspected that the cars may be moved to Mexico or sold for parts.

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