The FreightCaviar Podcast: Revenova Pro's Winning Formula

Join us as Danielle Chaffin, Sales Solutions Engineer at Revenova, shares her journey into logistics, discusses her approach to social media and talks about the importance of carrier advocacy.

The FreightCaviar Podcast: Revenova Pro's Winning Formula

In this week’s episode, we sat down with Danielle Chaffin, Sales Solutions Engineer at Revenova. Danielle shares her journey into logistics and discusses her all-or-nothing approach to social media. She also emphasizes the importance of advocacy for carriers.

Behind the Scenes at Revenova

We started off our conversation with Danielle giving us a behind-the-scenes look at Revenova and how they utilize the Salesforce CRM. “Revenova is a transportation management system. We're built on the Salesforce platform. It's like an app that you would download on your iPhone, except Salesforce is the iPhone and Revenova is the app. We get to utilize the Salesforce CRM and take advantage of all of their awesome prospecting opportunity tools. Then we bring in the TMS, the logistics side of it, and we go all the way through billing and paying.” 

The Power of Genuine Engagement on Social Media

When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, being genuine goes a long way, and Danielle is the best example. She shared her approach to social media, which has served her well throughout the years. In her opinion, many people underestimate the power of a simple comment. “There’s been people asking me how I get so much engagement. I literally just comment on things.” 

Keeping the Big Idea Guys Around

Danielle also emphasized the importance of keeping, what she calls the Big Idea guys around while developing products. She shared her insights on the importance of not only listening to customers but also doing what you do well as a company. “I definitely think it's important to keep what I call the Big Idea guys around. Internally, they have these awesome ideas. I think it's important to continue with that creative side. Because we could take exactly what customers say all day long, but if we also don't do what we know how to do as a software company…”

Advocating for Carriers

She also spoke about the importance of advocating for carriers. “When I talk about CRM, I push this because I am an advocate for drivers and carriers in Revenova. I tell everyone this almost every day. The CRM, so our accounts, it's customers, it's shipper companies, warehouses. It's also carriers. So the same information that you keep, or the same cadence that you're calling customers, you should also be gathering that information for carriers. Then we can house all of that in Revenova, but it's almost like a mindset change of just getting carriers.”

Danielle’s insights provide a fresh perspective on the industry, highlighting the importance of authenticity, innovation, and advocacy. Her dedication to supporting carriers certainly sets an example for others.

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