The FreightCaviar Podcast: The FreightCaviar and ShipperCRM Story

In this special episode, co-Founders and co-CEOs Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski and Krystian Gebis talk about the beginnings and developments of FreightCaviar and the recently launched ShipperCRM.

The FreightCaviar Podcast: The FreightCaviar and ShipperCRM Story

We recently published a special episode about FreightCaviar and ShipperCRM featuring Co-CEOs and Co-Founders Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski and Krystian Gebis. We discuss the evolution and development of both companies, as well as the importance of mentors and leveraging an online audience.

Paul’s Career Transition

  • 2017: Assigned by Everest Transportation Systems to open a freight brokerage in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • 2020: Left the industry due to burnout. The day he quit, he launched an Instagram meme account focused on freight brokerage with a goal of 10,000 followers in ten months.
  • Later Developments:
    • Founded Bang Bang Freight.
    • Closed the brokerage after recognizing Instagram's potential.

As his account's follower count grew, Paul saw the need for change, leading to the creation of FreightCaviar. "I did a poll on Instagram, asking, 'Which username do you prefer: Shipping Pallets or FreightCaviar?' Out of a thousand votes, 800 preferred Shipping Pallets, but I chose FreightCaviar anyway. I've learned that whenever anyone makes a change from what people are accustomed to, they’re apprehensive.”

Mentorship and Business Growth

Paul also touched on the importance of having support from his mentors, such as Ryan Rogers, Founder and CEO of TextLocate, and Tim Higham, CEO of AscendTMS.

Thanks to Higham, FreightCaviar’s first sponsor, Paul realized he needed to take things seriously and started working on the company full-time. Rogers’ advice led him to understand that “if you're running a company, being passionate about something is the most important factor in what you're doing. If you're going to be successful, the best thing is if you have a hobby and then you figure out how to monetize it."

Collaboration and Innovation

Thanks to the power of the internet, in the fall of 2022, Paul met Krystian Gebis, founder of Unlike other companies, Autobon provided self-driving software for trucking companies that could be purchased through the website and then installed. After meeting for the first time, they knew they had to collaborate, one way or another.

What brought them together was a shared drive, passion, and love for the industry.

With Krystian having caught the start-up bug, Paul’s determination, and Tim Higham’s experience, they launched ShipperCRM, a customer relationship management platform built specifically for logistics professionals.

The Future of FreightCaviar and Audience Engagement

Along the road, Paul learned many valuable lessons, one of which was the importance of having an audience: “It’s valuable no matter what. There are so many ways to monetize an audience. There are various books, even Twitter profiles you could follow, to learn more”. 

  • Future Focus: FreightCaviar will continue focusing on quality and providing unique content tailored to the freight industry audience.

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