The Top 10 Most Approved Freight Brokerage CEOs

The Top 10 Most Approved Freight Brokerage CEOs

In October, FreightCaviar released an article reviewing the profiles of five well-known freight brokerages. We outlined the best and worst comments left by former and current employees there.

Today we are extending our list by focusing on the best bosses and the most highly referred places to work. Our rundown concentrates on companies that have at least 50 reviews.

Top 10 Most Recommended Freight Brokerages

First, we look at the rating for whether or not reviewers would recommend their company to a friend. During the review process, users can select whether they’d recommend their company to a friend, and a percentage rating is displayed. Here are the Top 10:

  1. Trinity Logistics Seaford, DE
  2. Sunset Transportation Sunset Hills, MO
  3. MegaCorp Logistics Wilmington, NC
  4. Worldwide Express/GlobalTranz Dallas, TX
  5. Transfix New York, NY
  6. PLS Logistics Cranberry Township, PA
  7. ArcBest Corp. Fort Smith, AK
  8. Spot Freight Indianapolis, IN
  9. Allen Lund Company La Canada, CA
  10. Total Quality Logistics Cincinnati, OH

Top 10 Most Approved Freight Brokerage CEOs

On Glassdoor, employees have the option to rate their company’s CEO. The ratings are then based on the percentage of employees who chose to leave a rating for that category. That number is converted into a percentage rating.

  1. Jim Williams and Lindsey Williams-Graves of Sunset Transportation
  2. Ryan Legg of MegaCorp Logistics
  3. Edward Lund of Allen Lund Company
  4. Donnie Burris of Trinity Logistics
  5. Tom Madine of Worldwide Express/GlobalTranz
  6. Sam Anderson of Bay & Bay Transportation (Eagan, MN)
  7. Reggie Dupré of Dupré Logistics (Lafayette, LA)
  8. Scott Fitzgerald of FitzMark (Indianapolis, IN)
  9. Andrew Elsener of Spot Freight (Indianapolis, IN)
  10. Chris Jamroz of Ascent Global Logistics (Belleville, MI)

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