TIA Q2 2023 Report: Modest Gains Amid Market Uncertainty

TIA's Q2 2023 report shows modest shipment gains but declining revenues. Truckload sector shows resilience as TIA remains optimistic for future quarters.

TIA Q2 2023 Report: Modest Gains Amid Market Uncertainty
Photo by Brian Stalter / Unsplash

The TIA Q2 3PL Market Report for 2023 shows a mixed performance, with a modest 0.8% increase in total quarterly shipments but declining revenues and invoice amounts per shipment. Truckload was the only segment to see a gain in shipment volumes, while LTL and intermodal declined. Mark Christos, TIA Chair, remains optimistic, anticipating modest improvements and more stability in the market for the remainder of 2023, especially as the pandemic's impact subsides.

Source: Logistics Management

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