Trucker Gord Magill Talks Convoy Protest with Carlson Tucker

Canadian trucker and podcaster Gord Magill discusses the Freedom Convoy protest and its controversies on Tucker Carlson's show.

Trucker Gord Magill Talks Convoy Protest with Carlson Tucker
Image Source: Autonomous Truckers

Gord Magill, a Canadian trucker, was recently featured on Tucker Carlson's show, offering his perspective on the Freedom Convoy protests that rocked Canada during the pandemic's peak. The convoys, which started as a protest against vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, swelled into a broader opposition against COVID-19 restrictions.

Magill is known for sharing his trucking industry insights on his podcast Voice of GO(r)D and on social media platform X before being banned. FreightCaviar Founder Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski was part of a roundtable discussion regarding freight scams for an episode of Magill's podcast back in August.

On Carlson's show, Magill spoke about the impact of the Canadian trucker protests, which saw hundreds of vehicles and thousands of pedestrians converge on Ottawa, demanding the lifting of all COVID mandates. As the movement gained momentum, it led to blockades and economic disruptions, prompting government action.

In response to the escalating situation, provincial and federal governments took significant measures, including a state of emergency and the invocation of the Emergencies Act, to resolve the blockades and restore order.

To some, Magill's appearance with Tucker Carlson has sparked suspicion, but those in the freight community are left bemused.

You can view the Carlson episode for yourself here.

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