Trucker in $112K Fraud Scheme Sentenced

A truck driver involved in defrauding Roadrunner out of $112K receives house arrest and must pay restitution.

Trucker in $112K Fraud Scheme Sentenced

A federal court in Nebraska has sentenced former Roadrunner truck driver Johnny Bradford II for his part in a fraud scheme. Bradford, 52, is to undergo six months of house arrest and three years of supervised release.

Key Details:

  • Restitution Ordered: Bradford and his co-defendant must pay back $112,000.
  • Downward Departure: The judge issued a lighter sentence than guidelines suggest due to Bradford's lesser role.

Bradford and Amy Shepherd, another Roadrunner employee, were indicted for wire fraud after conspiring to issue and cash fraudulent EFS checks over 16 months. While Shepherd faces 18 months in prison, Bradford's sentence reflects his reduced involvement in the crime.

Source: FreightWaves

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