Truckers Report Unsettled Payments After Convoy Shutdown

One trucker says their factoring company is owed nearly $160,000 in unpaid dues.

Truckers Report Unsettled Payments After Convoy Shutdown
Image Source: Jim Allen / FreightWaves

Convoy, a digital freight brokerage with significant backing, including from Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, abruptly ended operations in October. This sudden closure has led to numerous truckers, such as Biljana Filipov of Eagle Radovish and owner-operator Steve Seek, facing financial uncertainties, FreightWaves uncovers. These truckers express concerns over the status of their payments for services rendered during Convoy's final operating days.

  • Convoy's History: Valued at $3.8 billion.
  • The Fallout: Over 80,000 carriers affected by the shutdown.

Financial Turbulence for Truckers Amid Convoy's Closure

  • Claimed Dues: Truckers report unpaid amounts, some nearly $160,000.
  • Service Dates: Issues reported for services rendered up to October 18th.

With Convoy's unexpected shutdown, several truckers report facing financial challenges, claiming unpaid dues for services completed. Biljana Filipov of Eagle Radovish, for instance, claims almost $160,000 owed, covering 203 loads up to October 18th. Steve Seek, an owner-operator, also reports unsettled payments.

Convoy's response to these claims remains unclear, with limited communication since the shutdown. This situation raises concerns about the stability and financial practices within the freight brokerage industry, an issue we covered in a recent article here.

Source: FreightWaves

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