Trucking Company Twin Express Shuts Down

Transport industry observes quiet exit of Twin Express, a closure that flies under the radar of major news outlets.

Trucking Company Twin Express Shuts Down
An advertisement showing Twin Express trucks on auction the only news confirming shut down. Image Source: Jeff Martin Auctioneers Inc.

The transportation industry witnessed the quiet departure of Twin Express from Rogers, MN. While major fleet closures often dominate headlines, many companies like Twin Express go under the radar, leaving the community in suspense and stirring speculations on social media platforms. Our post on the FreightCaviar Instagram page was met with comments of surprise and disappointment from former partners.

Twin Express's closure is hinted by the disappearance of its online presence and, more explicitly, by Google’s "Permanently Closed" banner.

Twin Express - Over 150 tractors, now out of operation.

Online Indicators - The company's website is inaccessible, and Google lists them as "Permanently Closed."

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