Trucking's Top Challenge: The Economy

ATRI highlights the trucking industry's critical concerns, with the U.S. economy leading the charge.

Trucking's Top Challenge: The Economy

In the recent report by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), the fluctuating state of the U.S. economy has emerged as the trucking industry's most critical challenge, overshadowing concerns like fuel prices, an issue which had consistently dominated the space for years.

Key insights:

  • The Economy: A top concern, especially amidst rising operating costs, high inflation, and a drop in freight demand. This tops the charts for the first time since the Great Recession in 2008.
  • Truck Parking: Consistently making the list since 2012, this issue rose to its highest rank this year. With drivers spending an average of 56 minutes a day seeking parking and just one spot available for every 11 drivers, it's evident why this is pressing.
  • Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs): ZEVs made their debut on the ATRI's list, ranked 10th overall. This first-time appearance stems from increasing regulations pushing fleets towards battery or fuel cell-electric vehicles, signaling a significant shift in industry priorities. The push for electric chargers at truck stops could total an estimated $35 billion.

The ATRI report shows that while both carriers and drivers agreed on the gravity of issues like the economy, truck parking, and fuel prices, their ranking differed, indicating varied priorities between the two groups.

It's crucial to understand and address these challenges cohesively to ensure the trucking industry's long-term viability, catering to both drivers and carriers alike.

Sources: ATRI | FreightWaves

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