Uber Freight Announces Layoffs in Digital Brokerage Operations

Uber Freight has confirmed the second round of workforce reductions this year, targeting its digital brokerage operations.

Uber Freight Announces Layoffs in Digital Brokerage Operations
Image Source: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

Uber Freight has confirmed a series of layoffs in its digital brokerage operations, marking the second round of cuts this year. Reports suggest that between 40 and 50 staff members have been affected. However, these layoffs did not extend to employees within the transportation management business, which houses the legacy Transplace business that Uber Freight acquired in 2021. Uber Freight justified these cuts as a measure to ensure alignment between their cost structure and the current market realities, as well as to leverage efficiency gains realized across the business. These cuts follow an earlier round in January that saw approximately 150 jobs eliminated.

Source: FreightWaves

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