USTDA Boosts Southern Mexico's Freight Transport

The USTDA is funding a study for an intermodal rail terminal in Chiapas to bolster local supply chains and decarbonize Southern Mexico's transport sector.

USTDA Boosts Southern Mexico's Freight Transport
Photo by Jorge Aguilar / Unsplash

The USTDA has awarded a grant to the Secretariat of the Economy and Labor of the State of Chiapas for a feasibility study on improving Southern Mexico's freight transportation infrastructure. The project aims to facilitate a shift from road to rail transportation, enhancing local supply chains and decarbonizing the sector. The intermodal rail terminal's development could help reduce highway congestion, lower transportation costs, and attract local value-added industries. This initiative aligns with Mexico's federal government priorities, including the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec project, aiming to enhance trade connectivity.

Source: bnamericas

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