Virtual Gong Demo Revolutionizes Freight Industry at F3

Join the freight industry's celebration revolution with FreightGong! Discover how brokers worldwide are ringing in their victories on a grand scale. Check out the top users and their impressive gong counts.

Virtual Gong Demo Revolutionizes Freight Industry at F3

A pivotal presentation from FreightWaves' F3: Future of Freight Festival comes from Reed Loustalot and his live demonstration of The world debut of a groundbreaking virtual gong invites brokers from far and wide to celebrate their wins on a mass scale.

A few users are leading the pack. "LoadPartner" sits at the top with 411,360 gongs, followed by "REPOWR" at 377,380. "Gnosis Freight" offers Container Lifecycle Management™ and ranks third with 327,572 gongs.

Watch the full presentation by clicking the image below.

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