Werner Driver Survives Kidnapping; Shootout Ends Standoff

Werner truck driver survives a kidnapping and a deadly shootout following a seven-hour standoff in Ohio.

Werner Driver Survives Kidnapping; Shootout Ends Standoff
The windshield of a Werner truck is riddled with bullet holes after two suspects kidnapped a truck driver and hijacked his rig. (Photo credit: Marshall Gorby, Dayton Daily News)

A Werner Enterprises truck driver was kidnapped by two suspects, Elaine Helman and Rodney Helman, at a truck stop in Ohio. The kidnapping resulted in a pursuit and a seven-hour standoff with law enforcement, which culminated in a shootout leading to the deaths of the suspects. Despite being injured, the driver survived the ordeal. The incident is under investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Source: FreightWaves

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