West Coast, Houston Ports Show Strong February Imports

February saw significant cargo volume increases at San Pedro Bay Complex and Port Houston.

West Coast, Houston Ports Show Strong February Imports
Image Source: @PortofLA/X

Let's break down the news about San Pedro Bay Port Complex and Port Houston:

  • San Pedro's Power Play: Los Angeles port handled 781,434 TEUs, 60% more than last year, while Long Beach moved 674,723 TEUs- a 24.1% jump from last year.
  • Houston's Haul: Port Houston's general cargo imports increased 49% month-over-month, and steel imports rose 24%.

Gains Across the Board

Port of Los Angeles February 2023 Imports Image Source: Cargo News Briefing/YouTube

After some labor agreement magic last August, it's been one big win after another—Los Angeles and Long Beach are surpassing all records, and even with a soft January, Houston bounced back in February.

Needs Improvement

Los Angeles gained 64% in loaded imports, while Long Beach saw a 29.4% rise. But it's not all smooth sailing; Long Beach faced a 21.1% dip in loaded export TEUs. As for Houston- general cargo is up, but we see a 96% drop in steel exports.

The ports are ready for a strong year, with labor concerns in the rearview and strategies to tackle global disruptions Gene Seroka of LA and Mario Cordero of Long Beach are optimistic.

What's Next?
As the ports ramp up efficiency and capacity, everything points to an exciting Q2: they're more than ready to meet and exceed the freight industry's needs.

Sources: FreightWaves | Port of Los Angeles | Port of Houston

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