Yellow Corp. Selling Logistics Unit Amid Union Negotiations

Yellow Corp. plans to sell Yellow Logistics Inc. amidst unresolved labor disputes and financial troubles. Potential bankruptcy looms as negotiations stall.

Yellow Corp. Selling Logistics Unit Amid Union Negotiations
Image Source: Yellow Corp.

Yellow Corp. announced plans to sell its logistics unit, Yellow Logistics Inc., while concurrently struggling to negotiate with unions representing its less-than-truckload carrier segment. While no details about potential buyers or the unit's revenue were disclosed, it has been highlighted as one of the fastest-growing 3PLs in the industry. Meanwhile, ongoing labor disputes threaten Yellow Corp.'s financial stability, as it faces debt restructuring requirements and allegations of deliberately withholding contribution payments for employee benefits. These issues, alongside a potential strike, have raised concerns about the company's potential bankruptcy.

Source: FreightWaves

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