AI Poised to Revolutionize Supply Chains

Generative AI could drastically transform supply chains, enabling demand forecasting, route optimization, and potentially reducing human roles. Companies like Maersk are increasingly integrating AI into their operations.

AI Poised to Revolutionize Supply Chains
A robotic machine moves boxes of chocolate on pallets for shipment at a Hershey Co. factory. Robots are set to make last-mile deliveries to people’s homes, according to a Morgan Stanley report. AI Poised to Revolutionize Supply ChainsRyan Collerd | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Generative AI is set to revolutionize supply chains by predicting disruptions, optimizing routes, and even eliminating human involvement in various tasks, according to industry insiders. However, the transition, while creating new types of jobs, will also lead to losses in traditional roles. Notably, AI is expected to become integral in the operations of companies like shipping giant Maersk, which plans to use it for various functions, including predicting cargo arrival for improved scheduling and providing recommendations during shipping route congestions.

Source: CNBC

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