Amazon's Budget Storefront to Rival Temu and Shein

Amazon unveils plans for a low-cost storefront featuring Chinese sellers' products, aiming to compete with Temu and Shein in the U.S. market.

Amazon's Budget Storefront to Rival Temu and Shein
Photo by Bryan Angelo / Unsplash

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is gearing up to launch a budget-friendly storefront that'll go head-to-head with Temu and Shein.

Key Stats:

  • New storefront will feature items priced under $20
  • Delivery time: 9-11 days from China to U.S.
  • Chinese sellers on Amazon grew over 20% in 2023

What's in Store?

Amazon's new section will be packed with low-cost, unbranded items. This will cover fashion, home goods, and gadgets - all at wallet-friendly prices.

Products will ship straight from Chinese sellers to U.S. shoppers, cutting costs and delivery times.Using Shein's playbook, Amazon will let sellers test products in small batches.

Why the Budget Push? Temu and Shein have been stealing the spotlight (and customers) with their rock-bottom prices. Amazon wants to crush its competition.

Source: CNBC

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