Kratos Autonomous Truck Platoons Set to Launch

Kratos and EASE Logistics to introduce self-driving truck platoons in Ohio and Indiana.

Kratos Autonomous Truck Platoons Set to Launch
Image Source: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Picture a line of trucks following each other like ducks in a row but without constant human control. That's what's coming to the roads. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions is partnering with EASE Logistics to roll out a futuristic freight solution between Ohio and Indiana. Here's what's down the road:

  • Innovative Platooning: A leading truck, driven by a human, will guide a self-driving follower truck. It's called the Leader Follower Platoon.
  • Safety First: Each follower truck has a "safety rider" ready to take the wheel if needed.
  • Tech Specs: The self-driving tech, originally developed for the U.S. Department of Defense, gets a new life in civilian freight movement.
Image: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Kratos's system has been field-tested in harsh conditions, hauling sugar beets in North Dakota.

"The caged-trailers haul upwards of 99,000 lbs of sugar beets on short-haul routes 24/7 for over 75% of the year," the company said.

Now, it's hitting more familiar roads to make logistics more efficient and safer. The plan? Retrofit EASE's trucks for platooning over short-haul routes, covering round-trip distances of 450 to 500 miles.

Maynard Factor, VP of Business Development for Kratos highlights how this isn't just about tech—it's about maintaining jobs and bolstering supply chain security. The Leader Follower Platoon is a step towards solving logistical challenges, ensuring supply chain continuity, and enhancing safety on the roads.

Sources: CDL Life

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