Busted: FMCSA Takes Down Two Shady Texas Carriers

Busted: FMCSA Takes Down Two Shady Texas Carriers

Written by Adriana Pulley

Houston-based carrier Texas Interstate Express seemingly tried to dodge orders from the FMCSA to close its doors by rebranding itself to Pac Express LLC. On Thursday the FMCSA shut down both operations. Regulators served the companies a federal out-of-service order once they confirmed the link per a press release from the FMCSA office. 

Why were they originally shut down? 

  • Driver Problems: Employed drivers without CDLs, drivers prohibited from working for carriers, or drivers without any record of duty status.
  • Instructed drivers to violate roadside out-of-service conditions and continue with trips after monitoring stopped.
  • Told drivers to avoid inspections and bypass scales
  • Dispatched drivers on trips that could not be made without violating speed laws or breaking hours-of-service regulations

What’s more, Pac Express did not have any programs that would be able to detect if drivers used any controlled substances. The trucking company lacked a process to ensure driver quality and licensure. Also, they did not monitor hours of service, vehicle inspections, or repairs. 

The imminent hazard out-of-service order stated that Texas Interstate Express’ and Pac Express’ violations and subsequent avoidance of the original order are reckless. There’d be “serious injury or death for [their] drivers and the motoring public…” if they did not immediately cease operations.

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